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Why Detail?

Enhance looks, protect value

People often think that detailing is a luxury but it should be considered part of your regular maintenance along with oil changes and tune-ups to keep it in top condition.

Cosmetic condition can account for as much as 30% of the value of your vehicle. Sun, salt, road grime, and acid rain are just a few of the severe elements that can cause extensive damage to your vehicles exterior finish. Dirt, dust, smoke, and food particles can cause the interior to harbor harmful germs and bacteria.

Why detail?Interior health detailing, like the DrivePur package that we offer, not only cleans and protects the interior surfaces but will apply a hospital grade disinfectant to inner vents and other surfaces to remove germs and allergens.

At an absolute minimum, it is recommended that you have your vehicle professionally detailed at least once every six months. Professional detailing will protect all of the interior and exterior surfaces, enhance and protect its value and make it a joy to drive.




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